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Erie Lackawanna Railroad-Anatomy of The Friendly Service Route
Overview of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company
Development of the Lackawanna Railroad
Erie Railroad Company and its development.
Decline and Fall of the ELRY
Why the Erie Lackawanna Failed
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Phoebe Snow's Thru Trains
Old Reliable Fast Freight Service
The Niagara Frontier Operations
The Erie's Speedway
Bread Basket of the Erie
Route of The Erie Limited
The Road of Anthracite
EL Commuter Country
Friendly Service Route Overview

Here, we are going to cover the Erie Lackawanna Railroad in greater detail than what has been covered on either of my other Tripod sites, The Erie Lackawanna Limited, or The Lackawanna Express. There will be information, such as passenger train consists and other information presented not found on any of the other sites.

This site will be a division by division tour of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad from one end of the line to the other, starting from east to west. Divisions to be covered are: New York,Susqhehanna,Scranton,Buffalo,Mahoning, and Marion Divisions in that order and cover their predecessors as they were merged. The New York Division took in the DL's Morris and Essex Division in its entirety. The Delaware Division was merged into the Susquehanna Division prior to the merger. After the merger, the Allegheny-Meadville Division was merged into the Mahoning Division, and the Kent Division was merged into the Marion Division, thus reducing what had been 8-10 divisions to six. These last consolidations were done in 1963 when the number of employee timetables to be issued systemwide was reduced from 8 to six.

Final Diesel Roster
Make Model HP Road Numbers Qty
EMD NW2 1000 hp 401-427 27
EMD SW7 1200 hp 428-433 6
EMD SW9 1200 hp 434-440 7
EMD NW2 1000 hp 441-445 5
EMD SW9 1200 hp 446-455 10
EMD SW1200 1200 hp 456-465 10
EMD E8A 2250 hp 809-833 23
Alco RS2 1500 hp 900-913 14
Alco RS3 1600 hp 914-933 20
Alco RS2 1500 hp 950-954 5
Alco RS2 1500 hp 1005-1006 2
Alco RS3 1600 hp 1007-1056 50
EMD GP7 1500 hp 1200-1246 47
EMD GP9 1750 hp 1260-1265 6
EMD GP7 1500 hp 1270-1284 15
EMD GP7 Psgr. 1500 hp 1400-1409 9
Alco C424 2400 hp 2401-2415 15
Alco C425 2500 hp 2451-2462 12
GE U25B 2500 hp 2501-2527 27
EMD GP35 2500 hp 2551-2586 36
GE U33C 3300 hp 3301-3315 15
GE U36C 3600 hp 3316-3328 13
GE U34CH 3430 hp 3351-3382 32
EMD SD45 3600 hp 3601-3634 34
EMD SDP45 3600 hp 3635-3668 34
EMD SD45-2 3600 hp 3669-3681 13
EMD F7ABA 1500 hp 6111,2,4 3
EMD F7AA 1500 hp 6311,4 2
EMD F3ABBA 1500 hp 7081-7084 4
EMD F3ABBA 1500 hp 7091-7094 4
EMD F3ABBA 1500 hp 7101-7104 4
EMD F7ABBA 1500 hp 7111-7114 4

Before Conrail took over, Erie Lackawanna had approximately 60 F units and 23 E8s still on the roster, though not all were necessarily in service at the same time. Ex demonstrator E8 No.811 was the first E8 struck from the roster due to an electrical fire that heavily damaged the unit. E8 No.823 was used to supply engines to a pair of Alco RS3s in Erie Lackawanna's version of Penn Central's DeWitt Geep program of repowering RS3s to extend their lives as switchers and local engines. While a few E8s ran for Conrail, most did not and had been set aside for retirement at the time Conrail's start up.